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Gary Kachadourian

Diagram of Three Scenarios in Front of Cinderblock Wall #3


pencil and pen drawings, laser prints, inlet prints, large-format xerographic prints

96 x 96 inches

Courtesy of the Artist

I make scale drawings of objects, surfaces, and locations that exist in the public or personal space that I regularly interact with. Each selected object, surface, or location is measured, photographed, and drawn to scale in pen or pencil on 8 ½ x 11 inch paper. The finished drawing is then scanned, adjusted in scale as needed and printed in book, poster, or room covering form. Objects and surfaces are often enlarged back to their original size but are also offered in book form in multiple smaller scales. The posters and books are sold at a price roughly twice the cost of printing so as to make them realistically priced for consumer purchase.

I have undertaken a multi-year project that is dedicated to the visual replication, manufacture, and distribution of objects that exist in my visual network. Objects selected for replication fall into three groupings, ones that have been driven by, walked by, or that exist in my personal space.

Gary Kachadourian